TIA 2005: Art from Ephemera (Mail Art and the Internet)
Text and Image Arts
School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Fall 2007 - Spring 2009

Monday, September 10, 2007

the 1st class blog assignment

Upload an image of ephemera, however you define that, personal or found. Save your comments for each other's posts. The idea here is to create a virtual setting similar to coming across a mysterious scrap of paper on the floor. What does that piece of paper tell you about itself? Is there any clue to a narrative attached to it? Does it seem like it might be a personal memory trigger for the person who posted it? Does it trigger memories of your own? How does the tangible translate to the digital/virtual?


Unknown said...

When I look at this I get some feeling of urgency. But I can't read it! Conflict!

tina said...

looks important.. wonder why they threw it away?