TIA 2005: Art from Ephemera (Mail Art and the Internet)
Text and Image Arts
School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Fall 2007 - Spring 2009

Monday, October 29, 2007


Originally I intended to send everything to my boyfriend. He and I live together, so I just thought it would be a weird thing to send a letter to someone who is constantly around you, someone who you have no reason to write a letter to. But all personal correspondence is like that, there is no reason to send someone a letter when it is so much easier to call or email them. Letters were once such a banal thing, but they have become precious because they are no longer neccessary.
I did send about half of the postcards to my boyfriend, and we have yet to recieve them. Honestly, I will be shocked if we ever get them back. The mail in our building is so unreliable. But the return address is my parents house, so with some luck they'll get them if I don't. I sent the other half of the envelopes to my siblings (in Maine) just because they will enjoy them.

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Becky G. said...

I love the idea of sending mail to someone you live with. I encourage you to continue to investigate this idea! And of course let us know what becomes of the Godzilla postcards.