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Fall 2007 - Spring 2009

Sunday, March 9, 2008

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Spam Headings into Art

Combining contemporary net art styles with contemporary JUNKMAIL.

Site: http://spamheadingsinotart.blogspot.com
Send spam headlines to: krobinson@student.smfa.edu

Gimmie Chinese Goodies Now Now Now

Yesterday as usual, I was wasting my life on Craigslist.com. Finally it proved useful, because in the "free" section I came across a delightful asian woman giving away HUNDREDS of little red chinese new year envelopes. We met at an intersection and she threw the box at me as cars honked violently. I am going to send 3 envelopes to each person. 1 will enclose a gift. 1 they must send a gift in back to me. 1 for just in case. After collecting gifts I will showcase them.
Envelopes to go to:
-SMFA inboxes
-distant friends
-street corners
-Wu-Tang Clan

1 comment:

Becky G. said...

Nice. I hope the Chinese New Year Envelope project will have it's own site or blog?? If so, post the link when it's ready!